Structural Mezzanine Floors and Industrial Steel Shelving

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Balconies, Pergolas and Exterior Decking

We have recently completed a project in Newlands in the Western Cape which comprises of a balcony and a pergola. The balcony is built with a combination of steel and timber components. On the one side the joists are fixed to the existing wall of the house. The opposite end cantilevers over the main I-beam by 400mm as the concrete slab below is in line with the supporting beam. Square tube columns extend down from the main supporting beam and are bolted to the existing concrete slab to secure the structure. We have used steel rectangular tube for the joists with end plates welded on to give a neat finish. The tubing also hides the screws from the timber deck where they would be exposed when using lip channel or IPE beams for joists. The main supporting beam is a light duty I-beam onto which the joists are bolted. We have used Balau timber decking for the balcony deck as it is a hardwood ideal for use in an exterior deck. This type of exterior decking needs little to no maintenance. If left as is with no finish it will eventually fade to a grey colour. The top rail of the hand rail is also Balau wood to match the deck. The hand rail frame consists of square tube uprights which are welded directly to the steel joists of the balcony. The timber top rail is bolted to the uprights and tensioned stainless steel cables are strung between each end.

Racking, Shelving and Fencing

We offer a wide variety of steel shelving and racking with either steel or timber decks or you could use pallets on the heavy duty racking. The timber decks can either be solid or gapped depending on preference and application. There is a variety of widths, heights and lengths available to suite your needs. The lighter duty bolt together steel shelving is easy to assemble yet time consuming whereas the racking is a very fast clip together system where the beams are secured afterwards with safety clips. For heavy duty installations, especially when over 1.8m high, it is advisable to secure the racking frames to the floor as an extra safety precaution. We can also build a mezzanine deck on top of a racking installation.

Our galvanized diamond mesh fencing ranges from 2.4 high to 6m high with 76mm galvanized steel round tube columns at 2m centres and 34mm round tube horizontal bracing. We manufacture single or double hinged gates as well as sliding gates.

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Mezzanine Floor in Agri Mark - Ceres

KaapAgri or Agri Mark in Ceres was one of our recent installations. It took us 5 days to complete working straight through the weekend and a public holiday in order to be ready for the next working day. The entire shop went through a total revamp at the same time so when they opened for business on the Tuesday morning, the public was welcomed by a refreshing new look. The section in which we installed the mezzanine floor is in the back of the retail space so it was relatively easy for us to cordon off the area while we worked through the first two days of construction in a running concern. The long weekend worked to the customer’s advantage as there was even less disruption to the normal retail hours and we managed to complete the steel and timber mezzanine deck in good time.